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Twenty Years of Fitness and Friendship

The community atmosphere at Courts Plus is an important aspect of what brings people back and a recent anniversary emphasizes this feature. During a training session, Courts Plus Personal Trainer Kathy Schroeder and her client, Karen, realized they have been meeting for 20 years. Over that time fitness and friendship have become part of their routine. They’ve become good friends while working on Karen’s fitness goals and Karen is proud of the strides she’s made in her fitness and endurance.

Karen sought out Personal Training because she felt she was getting out of shape as she aged. “I wanted to do something about it, but I wasn’t really confident that I could do it on my own.” She came to Courts Plus to request a Personal Training session and that was the first time she met with Kathy. Kathy has been Karen’s one and only trainer ever since.

Meeting regularly for twenty years, the two have formed a friendship which helps make training sessions something to look forward to (Karen mentions one of her favorite things about her workouts is the friendly chats).

However, Karen also recognizes the fitness benefits these training sessions have brought. “Kathy can make a customized program for me to focus on my target areas and, as those areas change over time, she can alter the program to fit me. She changes it up periodically so I don’t get into a rut doing the same thing day in and day out,” Karen says.

Kathy echoes that, describing the importance of working with a client to establish a process and then taking steps to incorporate different ways to reach a client’s fitness goals.

Each session gives them a chance to catch up, talk about their families and what’s new in their lives. “It’s hard not to become friends in the process,” Kathy says. Both the friendship and the health benefits made it easy for Karen to stick with the Personal Training over the years. “Kathy is very knowledgeable, very friendly and good at what she does. Fitness is a work in progress. There’s good days and bad days. I like having someone there making sure I stay on track. She’s there to make me accountable for my well-being.”

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