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Get Ready to Run A 5K with the Walk to Run 5K Program This Fall

Are you ready to run your first 5K? With our Walk to Run 5K Program, we’re ready to help you achieve success! This program is for anyone who has never run or would like to get back to running. We'll help you progress from walking to running while learning how to safely increase your distance, improve form and increase your pace. You will learn the importance of cross training and recovery while training with our experienced Instructors. Class will run “rain or shine”. In inclement weather class will be held in the Fitness Studio. This is the perfect opportunity to dive into some local fall 5K races, including the 33rd Annual Dan Gibbons Turkey Trot. Fee is $60 members/$75 non-members. We'll have two session opportunities, including a session meeting on Mondays from October 10-November 14,  6-7 a.m. and a second session meeting on Fridays from October 14-November 18, 6-7 a.m. Click here to register.