Change Your Life Challenge awards 1-year membership to winners!

The second annual Change Your Life Challenge wrapped up this spring with two winners being recognized for their success with a free 1-year membership to Courts Plus!

The 90-day Challenge, organized by Courts Plus Community Fitness Center, rewarded winners based on total percentage of body fat lost. However, the real goal of the program was to help members focus on creating a healthier lifestyle through incremental, positive lifestyle changes.

Jennie Mandigo, the women’s challenge winner, began training at Courts Plus in the spring of 2018. She saw the challenge as a chance to keep up the momentum and to see what else she could learn.

“It seemed like a good opportunity to work on maintaining the changes I’ve made,” she said.

Participants received regular support from Courts Plus staff. Each participant worked one-on-one with a Personal Trainer throughout the challenge. Participants were also presented exclusive health seminars about changing their habits and nutrition.

“I’ve been training with Tamara and it’s just something to help keep motivating myself,” said Mike McComiskey, the men’s challenge winner, who has worked with Personal Trainer Tamara Homolka since January 2018.

“Mike has stayed committed and consistent since day one of working with him. He always strives to challenge himself and gives 100%,” says Tamara.

“Things that seemed hard or almost impossible for Mike over a year ago are now completely doable,” she says.

He enjoys the variety that Tamara adds to the workout sessions and how she helps him track his progress.

Mike credits working with a personal trainer with helping him improve his confidence in training. After breaking his ankle in 2015, he was told during rehab he would likely never run without pain again.

“I didn’t have a lot of confidence in what I could do, at that point.”

Now, after working with Tamara, he runs a warm-up mile prior to each training session, and feels no ankle pain.

“It’s very rewarding,” he says.

Personal Trainer Tamara has seen the impact of a healthier lifestyle in Jennie. “Her strength and endurance continually skyrocket. Jennie has become the burpee queen!”

Jennie was inspired to try the Insanity group exercise class during the challenge, a class she felt intimidated by in the past. Not only did she handle the course, she enjoyed it. She now makes it a regular part of her workout plan.

Both winners feel excited about the next year and the chance to keep training at Courts Plus. For both winners, the benefits beyond weight loss are big motivators in continuing their workouts.

“Losing weight is awesome, but it’s been helpful to think about how I want to be stronger; I want to be healthier,” says Jennie. 

“Lifelong strength is the goal.”