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Food Foundations 101: Healthy Fats

Wed, Jun 20 - 6:00pm

Part 2 of a 3 part series, presented by Healthy Driven Edward-Elmhurst Health, this Healthy Fats discussion will help you to understand all fats are not created equal. There is a lot of confusion regarding the different types of fats: unsaturated, saturated, medium chain triglycerides, omega 3, omega 6, etc. Learn about the differences and what products to change in your everyday lifestyle to optimize healthy fat consumption.the relationship between sugar addiction, healthy fats, and overall inflammation.

We often associate inflammation with pain, but can now relate it to almost every chronic disease. Learn how you can lower inflammation by recognizing the impact sugars and healthy fats have on your overall well-being.

Register for all or some of these discussions and build your knowledge of food foundations! To register email, call (630) 833-5064 or visit the Courts Plus Service Desk. Our final discussion is coming up on June 27:

Gut Health and Inflammation: part 3 of 3
Putting it all together: Learn how sugars and fats play a role in overall inflammation, gut health, and chronic disease.

Presented by Heather Bautista, ND, CNS, LDN and Julia Afridi, DO.