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ACT FAST Women's Self-Defense Seminar

Sat, Jul 15 - 10:30am

Personal tragedy in the form of a sexual assault of a former girlfriend led extreme fighting champion, Mark Streator, to an in-depth study of self-defense programs for women. Finding many of them inadequate, and even leading to a false sense of security, he created the A.C. T. F.A.S. T. seminar.

WHAT MAKES A.C. T. F.A.S. T. DIFFERENT? We dispel myths commonly taught in other courses. You'll be taught to develop the mentality needed not to panic, freeze and be incapacitated if confronted by a larger, stronger, violent predator. It's presented in a single rather than multiple sessions, so you don't risk missing critical information.

Additionally, you will:

• Learn to tap into powerful survival instincts that we all possess

• Hear true stories that can help you avoid deadly mistakes of judgment

• Learn proven effective techniques for fighting back from any position

• Learn why you never want to eliminate fear

• Learn to develop an Indomitable Fighting Spirit and will to survive

• See several different security devices demonstrated and evaluated

• Have an opportunity to test what you've learned in a "1 minute blitz" "optional and depending on class size"

To register, contact Courts Plus: 630-833-5064 or visit

Cost: $60M/$70NM

Code: EU08308-01