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Becca Hodgson

Becca hopes to be a source of support, motivation, encouragement and accountability as each person learns and experiences the benefits of living out each day in movement. Cultivating a love and passion for exercise through soccer, running, ultimate frisbee and strength training, Becca strives to tailor each workout based on an individual's current ability, their goals, as well as their interests. Exercise can be an incredibly liberating, fun, life-giving, and empowering source of energy. Becca began working as a personal trainer after earning her MA at Loyola University Chicago. She is certified as a personal trainer through National Association of Sports Medicine. Taking on a holistic approach to health and wellness, she helps members identify their health and fitness goals, along with ways of overcoming barriers to creating positive, lasting change in their lives. Throughout her sports and fitness education, Becca learned the importance of incorporating a variety of exercise techniques to one's workout routine. She largely focuses on stabilization work, total body circuit training, as well as body weight and strength training.