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Pre/Postnatal Workouts Perfect for New Mom's Routine

New moms looking for a convenient, fun way to bring fitness back into their lives will find fun, welcoming opportunities at Courts Plus! Our pre and postnatal workouts include Pre/Postnatal Water Exercise, which gets you into the water to experience buoyancy, giving pregnant participants a feeling of weightlessness and allowing you to exercise on your back without restricting oxygen flow to you and baby. It's also a great workout for postpartum moms to safely strengthen your pelvic muscles and body after birth. Fee is $68 members/$85 non-members. Visit our registration page to register for fall sessions and view the schedule

If you're not ready to leave baby behind for your workout goals, than bring baby with you! Our Mom and Baby Bootcamp is the best way for new moms to regain their confidence, their energy and their figures. The camp combines strength training and cardiovascular exercises, incorporating babies and strollers into the workout as much as possible while offering a great bonding opportunity for mom and baby. Fee is $80 members/$98 non-members. Click here for schedule information and to register.