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Fitness Floor Conduct

  • When working out on the fitness floor, remember there is a 30-minute courtesy on all cardiovascular equipment. While this is not an official policy, we ask that all members please share.
  • You may ask the fitness floor staff at any time for help changing a TV channel, proper usage or functions of fitness floor equipment, or any other needs you may have.
  • Please allow others to use strength equipment while you are resting between sets. Additionally, equipment is not to be “saved” or reserved.
  • Returning magazines, weights, mats and other equipment to the proper area after using them will ensure that the next person can find what they need. Please try to use equipment in the appropriate area. Do not leave equipment in an aisle where someone may trip.
  • Towels and disinfectant are provided for you to wipe down the equipment after use. Please spray the towel with disinfectant to wipe down the consoles. Do not spray directly on the consoles as liquid from direct spraying can shorten the life of the electronic components.
  • Please turn cell phones to the vibrate option. If you will be having a phone conversation that will be lasting more than 2 minutes, please continue that conversation in the café or lounge area.